Jai’s Vision: A Medieval Tale of Magic, Swords & Sorcery (Book 1)

  A medieval tale of magic, swords and sorcery… The year is 1304 A.D. in the Yorkshire area of England. King Dunstan reigns in Europe over the Kingdom of Misty Hill. The King’s castle stands large, beautiful and strong surrounded by large fences and all of his knights and their squires. Not far off from the castle lives the townspeople enclosed by the safety of the Northern Woods and the mystery of the Dark Woods to the South of the Castle. The story showcases a young squire named Jai and his best friend, the beautiful princess Amelie. As the story unfolds we follow both of them on their adventures from their secret meetings in the Northern Woods to their forbidden steps through the Dark Woods. Most especially, though, we follow Jai who quickly develops an unforeseen talent for seeing visions. As Jai and Amelie journey along their days, another kingdom from across the land arrives for The Medieval Games. As The Medieval Games begin, Jai uncovers secrets about the other kingdom to imply that they are more than what they seem – secrets that only he and Princess Amelie are privy to. What will they do with those secrets? What…

Peaceful Night Poetry: Sleep-inducing Picture Poetry Book for Children Aged 3-103
Children's Books / September 16, 2019

An exquisitely crafted book of short stories and rhyming verse tailored to kids and adult children alike, “Peaceful Night Poetry” serves as a whimsical literary lullaby for the dreamer to-be. These short stories and poems by Píaras Ó Cíonnaoíth are an enjoyable and entertaining collection that will bring a smile to the faces of readers. The stories are fascinating and imaginative, and each one entertains and conveys insightful and thoughtful messages. Through lulling rhymes, melodious stanzas, and pleasant themes, the reader or listener is gently catapulted across the stars into lady moon’s soothing embrace until they are sound asleep. With this wonderful collection by your or your child’s bedside, sweet dreams will become a nightly reality and the word “bedtime” will inevitably bring anticipation. Review   Robin Leigh Morgan Top Contributor: True Crime Books | TOP 1000 REVIEWER LULL YOUR CHILD TO SLEEP WITH SOME SWEET POETIC STORIES I don’t what it is about children and reading books which happen to rhyme but books which do happen to be quite enticing to its young readers. If there’s any doubt look at those children’s books written by Dr. Seuss, for as a young child I couldn’t stop reading books, borrowed from…

Mylee in the Mirror (Greek Mythology Fantasy Series Book 2)
Children's Books , Fantasy , Fiction / December 26, 2018

Freshman year is just starting, and already Mylee fears her family is falling apart. She’s not interested in dating or any of the high-school drama it brings, but that’s just what she gets when Sam, the most popular guy at school, invites her to the Homecoming dance. Mylee needs advice, so she summons Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, her secret confidant. Tyler is worried about Mylee, his best friend and teammate. Already sad about her family woes, he’s livid that Slimeball Sam is trying to ooze his way into her life. And she seems to be falling for Sam’s act! Worse, Ty is worried all this attention from such a popular guy will place Mylee officially out of his league. What does an ancient Greek goddess know about modern teenage romance? Can My and Ty save their friendship and discover what matters most?

Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 2)
Children's Books / November 17, 2018

“A GREAT book for the children’s Christmas stocking this year”  Ronaldo and Rudi discover friends come in all shapes and sizes as they embark on a superhero mission to help a lost wolf cub called Ernie find her pack. Rudi comes up with a plan to find the pack and deliver a message during a speed test at flying school. But Ronaldo isn’t totally onboard with the idea. He desperately wants to break the speed record and the plan means jeopardising his chance of becoming champion. Will Ronaldo go for glory… or will he discover the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice the race for Ernie? Bumbling Wing Commander Blitsen, head of The Reindeer Flying Academy, and mischievous brothers, Dasher, Comet and Prancer also feature in this fun tale of bravery and friendship. “This is a charming children’s book that will entertain your little ones and tickle their funny bones.”  “A heart-warming story, full of action and adventure,”  “Sylvester has created a lovely winter wonderland with interesting characters” Good friends make happy times brighter! This is a delightful second book in the series. I read it with my grand kids and they loved not only the story, but also the…

Ronaldo: Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 3)
Children's Books / November 17, 2018

Ronaldo rocks, yet again  It is summertime in Beresford. Ronaldo and Rudi are beside themselves with excitement: Monty the Moose, the most incredible Magician in the whole world is performing at Rudi’s birthday party! But before the festivities begin, there’s the important matter of The Reindeer Flyover, an ancient tradition of The Reindeer Flying Academy that marks the end of school term. But Rudi might not be able to fly. He has injured his hoof and refuses to see Doctor Kloppen. Rudi is terrified of needles and, rumour has it, the Doctor’s needle is the size of a rocket! Meanwhile, Ronaldo meets celebrity baker Mrs Sorensson and offers to deliver her cakes to ‘Carrot’s ‘N’ Cakes’ bakery before flying school. The weather is hot so Ronaldo rushes through the forest so he can deliver the cakes before the icing melts. But trouble is lurking in the woods. Dasher and his menacing brothers, Comet and Prancer, are hiding in the bushes. Waiting for Ronaldo! … though aimed at a much younger audience, are a perfect fit for the adults who are still in touch with their younger self. A wonderfully written and illustrated story with important life lessons. Ronaldo: Rudi’s Birthday…

Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy: Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer children’s book series (book1)
Children's Books / November 17, 2018

“MOVE OVER RUDOLPH – RONALDO IS HERE TO STAY!”  Ronaldo is the top flying cadet at the prestigious Reindeer Flying Academy. He dreams of getting his flying license and becoming one of Santa’s reindeer, just like his hero, Vixen. In the first adventure in the Ronaldo series, the second year flying cadets face their toughest ever flying test – The Endurance Challenge. Will Ronaldo be victorious and lift the silver cup? Or will mean brothers Dasher, Comet and Prancer ruin his chance for success? The young and the young at heart will appreciate its story. Because Ronaldo reminds us, if you work hard, and dream big …. we can all fly! A wonderfully written and illustrated story by a very talented author and illustrator. More often than not children relate themselves with the characters of a good story. In such circumstances, reading fiction can help them to get inspiration from the characters. These stories often portray real life implications through anecdotes, and as such makes it easier for them to understand the complex aspects of life. Moreover, reading these stories at regular intervals can actually help them to develop a positive outlook towards life, which eventually proves beneficial for good…

Learning Responsibility or Leaving For Toy Land (Children’s Life Skills Series Book 2)
Children's Books / November 16, 2018

  Jade loves playing with her toys. She spends hours playing with them but, somehow, she doesn’t seem to take care of them… Join Jade and her father and see how, in a creative, gentile and empowering way, Jade understands what responsibility means in regarding her toys. Asaf Shani is the father of three girls. In the last 15 years, he has worked with thousands of people worldwide to help them improve their conflict management skills. Asaf’s clients often tell him, “If only I would have known these life skills 30 years ago …” and “Why wasn’t I taught this stuff when I was a kid?” These remarks, usually accompanied with a sigh, were the motivation for Asaf to write “Jade’s Life Skills Series”—a series of books intended to facilitate a discussion between parents and their children about all those latent and vitally important life skills. Learning Responsibility is the Second book in “Jade’s Life Skills Series.” In this book, the very important subject of responsibility is dealt in a kid friendly way.   A wonderful story with important life lessons. More often than not children relate themselves with the characters of a good story. In such circumstances, reading fiction…

Children’s Books About Animals: Facts, Information and Beautiful Pictures about Animals
Children's Books / November 6, 2018

Children’s Books About Animals   ★★★★★ Wonderful book for all the family! – Piaras   Learn facts about cats, dogs, pandas, koalas, horses, ponies, elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, tigers and lions.   More than 500 incredible pictures!   Lots and lots of information about animals!   6 books for kids that love animals (Animal Books for Children Series)   Good children’s animals books to learn lots of fun facts. Best for children ages 6 and up!   NEW: Purchase this Book and get access to the VIDEOBOOK for FREE!   ***Read this children’s Animal book FREE as part of your Kindle Unlimited membership*** Wonderful book for all the family! Children’s Books About Animals by Francois Bissonnette is a book that will be loved by both children and adults alike. It’s a massive collection of facts, information and superb pictures about animals. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a well-researched and presented work in this category. This book is one of the better picture books and is an absolute must-read for children. The author has packed this book full of interesting facts about a wide variety of animals. Highly recommended.

Hockey Wars
Children's Books / November 6, 2018

When hockey and friendship collide! An old friendship is pushed to its limits as Millie and Cameron face off against each other in a grudge match to finally see who’s got the best hockey team in Dakota. Millie and Cameron grew up as close as any two friends could be, playing together on the same hockey team and hanging out together after school.  However, when the hockey team was split between boys and girls, their friendship began to change, and not for the better. Now, Millie and Cameron are rivals, playing against each other to finally settle who has the best hockey team, boys or girls? A STORY OF FRIENDSHIP AND VALUES… By Piaras on October 16, 2018  More often than not children relate themselves with the characters of a good story. In such circumstances, reading fiction can help them to get inspiration from the characters. These stories often portray real life implications through anecdotes, and as such makes it easier for them to understand the complex aspects of life. Moreover, reading these stories at regular intervals can actually help them to develop a positive outlook towards life, which eventually proves beneficial for good character development. Hockey Wars is another…

Pixie And The Green Book Mystery (Pixie Mystery 1)
Children's Books / November 4, 2018

It’s the new and improved Pixie And The Green Book Mystery. Young readers will join Pixie, our second grade hero, on a quest to save the fairy tales. It’s an apple disaster day of school, but a trip to the local library changes everything. A mysterious book has brought the characters to life out of their books. But getting them safely back in their stories won’t be easy, with the evil Book Guardian trolling the library. Buckle up for an action-packed, fantastical, wacky, journey. REVIEW A unique and wonderful fairy tale! Pixie and the Green Book Mystery (updated version) is about a nine-year-old girl called Pixie (whose real name is Marigold) as she interacts with some well-known fairy tale characters. Not only does Pixie interact with the characters, but the characters also interact with each other from the different fairy tales. We have Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, the Seven Dwarfs and others, who find that their stories have been jumbled up. It’s up to Pixie to save the day. Of course, there’s also a bad guy who she must contend with! This was a very enjoyable and entertaining story. The writing style was engaging and very entertaining. As I read…