Peaceful Night Poetry: Sleep-inducing Picture Poetry Book for Children Aged 3-103

September 16, 2019

An exquisitely crafted book of short stories and rhyming verse tailored to kids and adult children alike, “Peaceful Night Poetry” serves as a whimsical literary lullaby for the dreamer to-be.

These short stories and poems by Píaras Ó Cíonnaoíth are an enjoyable and entertaining collection that will bring a smile to the faces of readers. The stories are fascinating and imaginative, and each one entertains and conveys insightful and thoughtful messages.

Through lulling rhymes, melodious stanzas, and pleasant themes, the reader or listener is gently catapulted across the stars into lady moon’s soothing embrace until they are sound asleep.

With this wonderful collection by your or your child’s bedside, sweet dreams will become a nightly reality and the word “bedtime” will inevitably bring anticipation.



Robin Leigh Morgan Top Contributor: True Crime Books | TOP 1000 REVIEWER


I don’t what it is about children and reading books which happen to rhyme but books which do happen to be quite enticing to its young readers. If there’s any doubt look at those children’s books written by Dr. Seuss, for as a young child I couldn’t stop reading books, borrowed from the local library. How many of you feel the same way about his books?

While this book is not as outrageously funny, the poems are quite vivid; the writing style of the author, Piaras O Cionnaoith, is quite captivating as well as being inventive, with each one expressing a message which can be best be classified as being both intuitive and attentive for its young readers.

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